April 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor & Church,

 To Do Well

Thank you for your prayers for us!  Some of the work load has picked up over February and March, and we are glad to be partners with you in the work. Galatians 6:9 says, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”  It may be a familiar verse, but it sure can be an encouragement to keep us on track.


To Teach All Nations

The Wau Baptist Bible Training Center’s school year is underway with 11 new students and their 14 children.  All but 3 of the adults are already able to read and write.  Their overall motivation has been an encouragement.  I have been with them about 16 hours this week, teaching and preaching, and they have been a blessing.


To Transition Well

Continue to pray for Wau Baptist Church as they search for the next pastor.  Pray also as they assist the previous pastor’s widow and daughter in moving back to the Highlands.  They have set a moving date in April.  The church will be praying for and considering a new treasurer too, as the current treasurer plans to resign next month.


To Train Well

Please pray for these students over these next 2 years:

Owen Peter, his wife Tawai and their 3 children

Norman Wanje, his wife Anita and their 5 children

Elisha Joe, his wife Cecillia and their 2 children

Dops Bore, his wife Sara and their 5 children

Tebo Terry and his wife Selina

Thomas Kubuk


Stan Rowe & Family

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2015 April Rowe letter PDF

Rainy season makes driving more interesting here.

Wau-Bulolo road - mud slide

The Wau Valley

Wau Valley 2014

Blume’s plane at a village.

Blume's plane