April 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor & Church,

As awareness of the Coronavirus Disease of 2019 begins to finally settle into this country, things become quieter in some ways at the moment.  With things shut down, there is less traffic in public places.  And some talk is more somber in private meetings.  The Prime Minister issued a letter to direct the country for an initial 2 weeks.  Most people had been even up until recently, blissfully unaware of the medical news elsewhere.  It’s been a surprise.  A shock.

In late March, one first case was diagnosed and deported.   Then, not only were international arrivals subject to screening (if allowed) but all domestic flights were grounded.  No one was allowed to travel to other provinces by road either.  As schools and stores in towns closed it made more people aware of COVID-19.  The “cough from China” is the news affecting daily life.

Normal church life has been on hold for 2 weeks so far.  Some have modified services.  The Bible school is just meeting with the men only until Easter break.  The large Easter camp meetings have been canceled for this year also.  Much ministry has necessarily turned to encouraging people to “Be not afraid of sudden fear” Proverbs 3:25.  Jesus predicted pestilences.  We also have been comforted as he said to “Fear not.”  God is once again, fully aware and still fully in charge.

Thank you for your prayers! We pray the disruptions will calm down there as well.  In spite of it all, we see God’s word and his work, still able to keep going forward.

In Him,

Stan Rowe and Family

PDF Version of this letter