August 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor & Church,
A lot has happened since we wrote last! Rejoice with us, and thank you for spending the time to read and pray.
First, the Bulolo District Ladies Retreat went well. 317 ladies registered as campers here at the Bible School, and more attended. Bro Rick Crotts preached the night services and Mrs Joyce Crotts, Mrs Karen Auterson, Mrs Verda Keck, and my wife Tresa all spoke in the morning sessions. Other ladies taught as well and there were 3 saved. The tent arrived in time, cleared customs, was transported, setup for lighting, sound etc and then dedicated the night before the meeting officially started. Whew. Thank the Lord for his provision!
Next, Bro Kenny Keck went on furlough and left us in charge of a new work about 40 minutes away. We have been going out to preach Sundays and Wednesdays, sometimes taking Bible School students. In July, we helped them there at Kaisenik with their first baptism. Praise the Lord for their step forward! Pray for Alex, Joshua, Maryanne, Angela, and Sina. Pray for the work at Kaisenik Baptist.   Others there need salvation.
Previously, we had mentioned Alex getting saved and walking more than an hour to church. We have hiked out to where he’s from in order to preach and visit. One lady was saved there after the second open-air outreach 3 weeks ago. Pray for the Kumu area between Biawen and Sariak.
Recently, Gary Keck and I were attempting a monthly supply run to Lae, down on the coast. On the way, we found out that the road was washed out about 2 hours from us. About 150 to 200 meters of the highway fell into the river. Two trucks went in also. We are always thankful for safety in travel!
In Him,
Stan Rowe & family
August 2017 Rowe Letter PDF

Tent cleared from customs and loaded on truck.

Unloading tent in Wau.

Tent set up at Baptist Bible Training Center.

Ladies Retreat in the new tent.

The Autersons, Crotts & Kecks

The meeting place at Kaisenik.

Sunday morning at Kaisenik

Getting ready to baptize at Kaisenik.

Stan baptizing Joshua.

Maryanne, Angela, Sina, Joshua & Alex were baptized.

The Snake River washed away the road.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured when these two vehicles drove off the road in the dark.