December 2020 Prayer Letter

Merry Christmas!

We trust everyone is looking forward to celebrating our Savior’s Birth in as many ways as possible this month.  Thank you for your kindness in faithful prayers and support once again.  We enjoyed a good Thanksgiving with family, food, and just slowed down some to be thankful for making it through the many things of this past year. 


We now have all the visas in hand to allow us back into Papua New Guinea.  With many borders still not totally open, it’s a blessing to have the freedom to travel at this time. We still will be working on transit permission for a couple of countries through which we hope to make connecting flights onward.


After continuing to check and shop for tickets this last month, we have a decision on the tickets to return.  Hardly anything was available for December or between the holidays for connecting back to PNG.  One option from a ticket agent in Australia quoted a price of $3954 for each of us one way.

Moving the date to January helped the ticket prices immensely, but they are still about $1100 higher each person, than 6 months ago.  We have one-way tickets for $2386 each person.  The required 2 weeks quarantine in the capital should be around $3200, but we’ve yet to set that up with motels etc…

Please pray for wisdom in these next 3 weeks as we pack to go!  We will try to update you on the Bible School Graduation in next month’s letter.

Thank you again!

Stan, Tresa, Norman and Aaron Rowe

PDF version of this letter

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