January 2021 Prayer Letter

Happy New Year!

 The proverbs say we do not know “what a day may bring forth.” (Proverbs 27:1) If that’s true of a day, it’s for sure true of a year.  Since I began this letter with that thought a couple weeks ago in December, it only seems more and more true!

Thank you to those who gave extra to help with the tickets and quarantine expenses involved in getting back to PNG.  Unbelievably, those total family expenses for one-way travel have surpassed $14,000 with what we know so far.  Thank you again and we believe God will see us through this next year as well.

While in the middle of working on all this, Tresa and I both tested positive on the COVID-19 test.  We had been feeling generally sick, slight fevers, coughing and aches so it wasn’t a total surprise.  We are recovering well so far.  Norm and Aaron also tested positive this week.  The tickets were moved to a few more weeks out to give some recovery time.

Lord willing, we fly out February 7.  Please pray for us with the travel prep work still to be done.  These extra things this time would be; (1) the in-transit visas and other travel permission papers still to obtain for countries we pass through, (2) finalizing a quarantine hotel for arrival, and (3) the final COVID tests before we leave.  Thank you again for your encouraging faithfulness!

In Him,

Stan Rowe

PDF Version of this letter

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