July 2014 Prayer Letter

Thank you again for the prayers and help for this trip back to the field!  We were two weeks in route as we added flights for a mission’s conference.  In all there were 10 flights.  This included the 2 continents of USA & Australia, the 4 islands of Fiji, Majuro, Nauru, and 3 flights in PNG.  I preached 11 times on the way.

Nauru & Fiji

Bro. Adam McGeorge reported the International Baptist Church there in Nauru significantly raised their mission’s commitment this year.  It was a blessing to be able to be a blessing.  We also had a great time with Bro. Josh Warneke and Bethany Baptist Church near Ba town, Fiji and Lighthouse Baptist Church with Bro. Roni Qalo in Nadi, Fiji.

Back in Papua New Guinea

In PNG I preached a couple times at Morata Baptist Church with Bro. Holmes Tako in Port Moresby.  We were then with Bro. Epen Poko up in Wapenamanda.  I also preached at Birip.  Pray for Birip Baptist Church, Pakas Epata, and their need of a pastor.

Visas & Excitement

We now have Permanent Resident Visas!  After a couple of years, a couple of applications, prayers, a few thousand dollars in fees . . . this was a huge blessing.  Praise God.  As I returned back to the motel that Monday morning to share this blessing with Tresa, she told me the motel safe had been stolen out of the office while they had all been sitting on the front porch!  Wow. We appreciate your prayers.  Then just 2 days ago, less than 180 steps from where we sleep here at the Bible School in Wau, 2 young men were killed with machetes.  Please pray for the families, opportunities to share the gospel, and resolution of the problems.

We also have had the blessing to be able to attend and help out briefly at two other short meetings.  The first was in transporting people to a revival meeting at Bible Baptist Church near Wandumi.  We visited missionary Gary Keck and the evangelist was Bro. Paul Schwanke from the States.  Praise the Lord they had a good meeting and 2 saved! Then this last week I had the opportunity on Wednesday to translate the preaching for a visiting Australian pastor, Bro. Jim Moore.  He had attended PCBBC back in 1979, finishing at the Sydney Baptist Bible College and has been a pastor in Western Australia.

It’s good to be back after a year!  We are still unpacking and cleaning in between everything else each day.  Once we get most of the critters out, I think it’ll be alright!

In Him,
Stan & Tresa and kids

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