July 2015 Letter

Dear Pastor & Church,

How’s your summer going?  We are in a short rainy season here.  I’ve heard some areas of the States are getting a lot of rain too.  Well, I made it back from the trip we wrote about last month.  It was an adventure!  I took public transportation 2 days and a night on trucks from Wau, Bulolo, Lae, Hagen, Birip, Wabag, Hagen, Kainantu, Aiyura, and caught a flight back to Wau with Bro. Jim Blume.  Rain and clouds delayed us three days, but we finally made it in Sunday afternoon.

I was able to preach at the church in Birip for two Sundays.  Please keep them in prayer since their preacher has stepped down, needs to now move out, and there is someone temporary preaching there.  I was sick twice on the trip but the parasite medicine Tresa recommended helped tremendously.  My theme verse on the trip was:  Mark 9:23, “Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”

In other news, Tresa’s parents, Jim & Mary Blume just had their 50th Wedding Anniversary here in PNG on June 12th.  My parents, Wayne & Janetta Rowe have their 50th Wedding Anniversary on July 9th there in Tulsa.  More news next month on the annual revival meeting at Wau Baptist Church with Wayne and Sue Fair.

Thank you!

Stan & Tresa Rowe and family
For a printable version of this letter, click the link: 2015 July Rowe Letter PDF
Blume's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Blume’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Joanna Zachariah at the Annual Ladies Retreat in Bulolo

Joanna Zachariah at the Annual Ladies Retreat in Bulolo.

Christian School Field Trip to a Salt Spring

Wau Christian School Field Trip to a Salt Spring

This side of Wau

The campus of BBTC, where we live.

The road out of Wau.

The road out of Wau.