July 2021 Prayer Letter

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Dear Prayer Partners,

June started with the twenty-seventh Annual Wau / Bulolo Ladies Retreat being hosted here on the Bible School Campus.  Because of the focus on Ladies, Stan asked me to write this month’s letter.  It was a blessing to see the members of 4 churches here in the Wau Valley working together to make the meeting a success. They set up a new, tin-roofed, camp kitchen, set up the tent, cleaned dormitories, cut firewood, did all the shopping, and all the other things that make a conference happen.  Approximately 340 ladies from 17 churches in the Wau & Bulolo valleys attended the 2-day retreat.  Praise the Lord, 13 ladies were saved. 

I was not able to be as involved with the meeting as I have been in the past. Since 2015 I have been struggling with fatigue, which seems to be related to adrenal and hormone imbalance. I am learning my new limits and choose to skip a few sessions in order to avoid exhaustion.  The Lord blessed in many ways and we ladies had a wonderful time.

Aaron and I were able to make repairs to the piano at Wau Baptist Church and get it usable again.  The humidity was causing keys to stick and felts to fall off.  I am so thankful the Lord allows us to access YouTube in this land where there are no piano repairmen. I was also able to fix an electric piano that was not working right.  There are a couple of young men in the church who are learning to play the piano, and I hope they will be playing for services soon.

Another ministry that started again in June is to the children in the surrounding area. My house helper, Nemi, reads stories and tracts to them and dresses their sores. They usually come in groups of 5-10 at a time, and we go through 100 to 200 Band-Aids a month.  As long as she has the supplies, she will keep doing it.  She loves the kids and wants them to know Jesus as she does.  

I have been working on translating a discipleship booklet called Established in the Faith into Pidgin. I had originally translated it for a ladies’ class when we lived in Wapenamanda, then a local pastor asked that we get it printed.  The Quarantine times gave me a chance to focus more on the project and it is now at the proofreading stage. I hope to get it finished and printed soon.

Thank you for your prayers for us!

In Him,

Tresa Rowe

Printable version of this letter

Putting the roof on the camp kitchen.
Putting up the tent for the Ladies Conference.
Verda Keck and Martha Smith with the other ladies at the Conference.
The tent was full with ladies sitting in the aisles.
Overflow seating was in the workshop by the fuel drums.
Flowers were presented to the guest speakers.
The ladies standing made professions of faith during the Conference.
The men cooked breakfast and lunch in the new camp kitchen.
An extra pot beside the kitchen.
The men preparing lunch boxes.
Hauling the pews back to the Church after the Conference
Relaxing after the Conference clean up was done.
These people were baptized at Wau Baptist Church in June.
Norman, Bro. Yunda and Bro. Arua warming up to play for the service at Wau Baptist.
Aaron helping me repair the Piano at Wau Baptist.
People rushing to see the Prime Minister, James Marape, as he visited our town of Wau.

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