June 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners,                                                      

Thank you especially for your prayers and faithful support since we last wrote.  These have been unusual times everywhere, to say the least.  We appreciate the extra faithfulness.  A lot has been happening for sure!  Someone mentioned the 5 Stages of Grief as a means to help deal with Coronavirus restrictions; Denial, Anger, Blaming/Bargaining, Depression, and then finally, Acceptance.  I found them helpful in trying to move on quickly through to acceptance of new restrictions and rules.

Travel back to the USA

Travel is always stressful, but flying back through PNG, Australia and California the last part of April was different.  We did feel anxious as to how things would work.  By His goodness, God allowed us to make it safely back into Tulsa, and then we quarantined for 2 weeks.  Our daughter Naomi’s graduation from Heartland Baptist Bible College was postponed, her wedding to Bro. Kyle Scott went well, Stan’s dad is moved into a retirement apartment and his house is almost sold, and we have begun catching up with overdue dental and medical visits.  Our youngest, Aaron, now has his driving permit and Christopher & Savannah have a baby girl due August 25!

In PNG, travel is still restricted but Bible School has begun again with the 7 families there.  Churches have begun slowly starting up in many areas, as well as back up in Kwembu at Kaisenik village with Bro. & Mrs. Gary Keck.  Flights are still restricted and travel visas limited.  Pray also for Bro. & Mrs. Luther Smith with the ACE school and other church and Bible School ministries.  Thanks again.

In Him,

Stan & Tresa Rowe     

PDF version of this Letter