November 2018 Prayer Letter

Happy Thanksgiving!

 I am thankful this time of year for family, friends, country, and that “the light of the glorious gospel of Christ” has shined on us.  (2Cor. 4:4)  Thank God for His mercy & grace to give His story to us!  Thank you also to so many of you that have contacted us to come report.  I think we’ve been able to contact almost half of our supporters so far.  Call or text (539) 215-0525. 

 Travel Update

 We have been back in Oklahoma visiting churches for Missions Conferences in October, November, and will be in Missouri through Thanksgiving.  Immediately after Thanksgiving I’ll be going to Papua New Guinea for 3 weeks to help with the Bible School’s graduation preaching week in December.  Lord willing, we will then have 4 more months on the road till we return to PNG.

Website Update

The family picture on our website has been updated and is available to download from the “about us” page.  If any of you would like to receive our prayer letters by email, you can now subscribe to our emailing list on the website as well.


Prayer Points

Souls to be saved from outreach

Safe travels for PNG graduation trip

Norm & Aaron’s visa renewals

Our parents for wisdom and strength


In Him,

Stan Rowe and Family

November 2018 Rowe Letter PDF