October 2014 Prayer Letter

October 2014 Rowe Letter PDF

Dear Prayer Partners,

Variety, Webster says, is the absence of monotony!  In between chances to preach and teach these last 6 weeks, there has been some minor construction, fencing and some work of destruction or tearing down and taking out.  There has been the everyday work and also some ministry work.  Working on vehicles maybe would be a little of both.

Transportation & Traveling

September 16th is Independence Day here and Bro. Kenny Keck preached a good youth conference that week.  We took a couple of trucks down to transport the youth from Wau Baptist.  It was a mountain-road, an hour away, about 4 truckloads getting everybody home and I think there are still some things to pickup.  Praise the Lord for 4 saved from our church and I believe 22 saved at the meeting overall. A week before I had a chance to meet with our Member of Parliament as he wants to work with Bro. Blume to revive some of the aviation here possibly.  The longest road trip of the month was 16 hours up and 19 hours riding back down from Mendi in the Southern Highlands Province.  It was an encouraging and busy 8 days.  There were a couple hundred preachers there for fellowship, singing, praying and preaching at the National Baptist Pastor’s Conference.  Pray for PNG!


There was also variety as we start back into teaching and preaching.  After preaching 3 times one weekend at Bible Baptist, I also substituted at the Bible School with Music Philosophy and began the non-Pauline epistles with the Book of James.  That was about half of the 16 times I taught this last month and a half.  I also substituted in the Youth class, a couple times with the ACE school chapel and then the RI Class outside each week for the kids who live down by the town dump.  Tresa also has taught a couple of Ladies’ classes, as well as keeping up with the kids’ schooling, market shopping, and getting back into the swing of driving across our small river without the bridge.  Continue to pray for the Bible school ministry.

Please pray for Wau Baptist’ home Missions conference Oct 28-Nov 2, for God’s power & blessings.

Thank You!