October 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor & Church,
Words fail!  That was the best answer I could come up with at the time.  Someone had asked me how was the hike back into the mountains for a church meeting at Takedu.  Eleven plus punishing hours the first day and seven something the second day.  Wow!  It wasn’t just the elevation changes up and down, but that was a factor.  It was just a tortuous “trail”, day or night.  Indescribable!  It was 4 days before the knee pain subsided, and we were able to walk normally again.  Afterwards, we hiked out down to the Kerema District instead of walking back to Wau, and then flew back home from Port Moresby.
Words fail to really tell of the gospel corruptions that were rumored to have been coming out of that Takedu area for about 12 years on and off.  Pastor Alphonse and I hiked in and preached Wednesday to Sunday.  People came in from 3 churches and the community turned out.  Three people were saved the first night I preached and God spoke to us that week.  It was great to see Him at work.  On Sunday, Bro. Alphonse baptized 8 that had been saved previously.  18 were saved throughout the week. 
Thank you again for your prayers and support.  I was also able to take another trip away from the Bible School and church to attend a National Preachers Meeting.  It was in Pangia, in the Southern Highlands Province.  Just over 200 preachers attended and it was an encouraging trip as well.
Prayer Points:
*Churches in the Takedu area of Morobe Province for teaching
*Church building plans for the new work here in Kaisenik
*Tresa in travel as she goes to the states for 6 weeks
*My father-in-law, Bro Jim Blume as he comes here for a month
*The 5 Bible school families

In Him,

Stan Rowe & Family

 PDF version: 2017 October Rowe Letter

See pictures below of the Tekedu trip and the Bible Project:

Tekedu Baptist Church

The meeting at Tekedu

Stan resting from the hike.

We have been able to be involved with the Bible Project to get a King James Version Bible into the hands of every High School Student in PNG.  The pictures below are of the distribution of those Bibles at the Wau High School. During the next 2 months, we will be taking Bibles to the high school students in the very remote areas of Menyama and Aiseki.

Bibles loaded and ready to go.

Pastor Paul (center) and helpers

Headmaster of Wau High School (left), with Pastors of 4 local Baptist Churches

Distributing the Bibles

Happy to have a Bible

Some of the students

The Girls with their Bibles

The guys with their Bibles 

Stan and the Headmaster