October 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for all that you do in prayers, support and concern.

“The LORD gave the word:  great was the company of those that published it.” Psalm 68:11.  This month we had the privilege to host Bro. Alan Brooks with PNG Bibles Distribution (under BIMI).  He spoke at the Bible school, and then surveyed High School & Elementary Schools in this area that are already finished and those yet to be done.  Over $2 million has been raised for this worthy project with 760,000 Bibles already delivered in 14 of the 40’ containers.  Keep them in prayer.  It looks like they will reach the one million Bibles mark by February.  Thank you to those involved!

The Missions Conference at the church in Wau went well with Pastor Holmes Tako as guest preacher. They will turn in Faith Promise cards in a couple weeks.

Pastor Holmes Tako Preaching

  I believe 11 were saved. Two were from the new work, where we bused some in from Kwembu area near Kaisenik.  Pray for Pastor Alphonse Timb and Wau Baptist Church as they grow.

The two girls in the center were saved the Sunday of the Conference.

Do you have any good used English Hymnbooks?  As things move more and more to English, people are enjoying singing English songs.  We are looking for at least a hundred but could use much more than that if you have them.  Please let me know and we can work on how to arrange shipping.

A church member died recently nearby.   I had the opportunity to preach twice during the funeral time over 3 days.  Other preachers preached as well, and I ask you to pray for the gospel to shine brightly for those still needing to be saved.

Stan preaching at Sister Sera’s funeral service.

  “Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen . . . For the customs of the people are vain:” Jeremiah 10:2-3.  Different superstitions come up at funerals, but thank the Lord for good Christian pastors who take a stand to oppose them.  Pray for the gospel to continue to work!

In Him,

Stan Rowe and Family

PDF version of this letter.

Extra Pictures:

Stan preaching at Kwembu
The guy’s side of the church at Kwembu. We hope to have benches soon. For now, if you want to sit in a chair, you have to bring your own.
Once again we made it safely across this bridge near Kwembu. That night another vehicle put a tire thru and had to be lifted out. Thankfully no one was hurt.
The Piano at Wau Baptist was in need of repair. Felts were falling off the hammers, keys were stuck, bridle straps were broken, rats had been in it, etc…
Praise the Lord! Tresa and the boys were able to repair and clean it up in time for the missions conference. YouTube was a big help too.