October 2021 Prayer Letter

Happy Independence! – at least from this side of the world, in a young country of 46 years.  September 16, 2021 was acknowledged in a variety of ways.  Celebrations have been mostly peaceful in our town this year, we’re thankful, and I was able to share the gospel briefly at an elementary school devotion for Independence Day.  Another big event in our family has been Norm finishing all the requirements for High School graduation.  Congratulations Norm!  Unfortunately, now his visa will soon end and so we have been preparing to help him get back to the US.

We have been checking tickets for all of us to return back to the states.  We now have tickets to return home October 29th.  Scheduling was a challenge again, flying for this 3rd time in the pandemic and all its restrictions, but God has been good.  We are thankful for a good travel agent as well.  We fly through Singapore, Qatar, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and on to Tulsa.  I believe this 6 months here has been profitable. 

At this time however, barring a medical miracle, we will be coming back to the states to resign as missionaries.  As with any big decision, there are a lot of factors to consider with the upcoming life changes.  We have been mulling it over for some time.  I believe this is God’s will for us at this season and time.  This last 6 months here was against medical recommendations, yet we are grateful God has taken care of us.

We appreciate your support as prayer partners, sponsors, and for enabling us to be missionaries.  Thank you.  It’s been an exciting and challenging 25 years.  God has been so mercifully and graciously good.  We hope to give an update next month after we get back.

Prayer Points:

  • Packing, giving away, & selling stuff this next 4 weeks!
  • Tresa’s ongoing health challenges
  • God’s help in our next steps

In Him,

Stan Rowe & family

A letter from our Pastor (PDF version)

PDF Version of this letter.

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