September 2014 Prayer Letter

September 2014 Rowe Letter PDF

Dear Pastor & Church,

Thank you once again for the part that you play in His plan for missions!  I was encouraged recently to be “there”.   It’s an important step to just find out where God wants us and to get where He wants us to be.  God said to Elijah “I have commanded . . . to feed thee there” in 1Kings 17:4. Then God moved Elijah. And later in verse 9 He says “I have commanded . . . there to sustain thee.” It’s great to know that He commands His provision when we are “there”.

“Hey, can Kevin borrow a tarp?” “Sure, I guess.  What’s it for?” I asked.  Soon I found out it was for a short meeting so I was glad to help out.  Seven people were saved and one of the Bible school students has been walking out a couple hours each Sunday to preach to them.  Pray for him as he preaches and for a church to start in the area of Saliat.  Hopefully I can get away to visit with them over these next couple months.  Praise God for the Gospel!

Another blessing has been preaching a couple times to the youth at Wau Baptist Church.  Pray for some of the young men, as it seems God is dealing with at least one of them about a call to preach.  In the last 3 weeks we have also restarted one of the Religious Instruction classes at an area referred to by the letters “ADO”.  ADO is a market area where people live next to the town dump. Less than a mile from the church, with some Christians living there, it is a great place to reach out with tracts and preaching.  Over 40 kids came, with 34 saying the first memory verse.  Pray that God would use this Bible class in their neighborhood to see kids saved and into church!

In Christ,

Stan Rowe & family

Amanda HBBC 2014

Amanda (far right) has returned to Heartland Baptist Bible College for her second year.