September 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor & Church,

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We have really been on the move since our last prayer letter! First of all, we’re thankful to have arrived safely back in these United States.  That’s always a big move.  It is good to be back and thanks so much for praying.

Then, 29 hours after we made it back into Tulsa from Papua New Guinea, I headed to the airport again. I flew down to San Diego, CA to pickup an RV we bought from a missionary friend.  Over 1400 miles of driving and 3 days later, I was back in Oklahoma to get set up for the next few trips.

Next, I had the privilege to accompany Bro. Jim Blume to a conference at Wyldewood Baptist Church in Oshkosh, WI. We flew back to Missouri and then our family drove out to the East Coast to pickup our daughter Amanda in the Washington, DC area.  We attended a family wedding north of Albany, NY and made it back to Oklahoma in time for everyone to start college.

It was good to speak and report in a few churches and we have enjoyed catching up a bit with our children here in the States. Naomi wanted to take Missions, and she’s now enrolled in Heartland Baptist Bible College.  Reports from back in Wau, PNG have been encouraging with a number of people saved recently.  Please pray as we report this next month in OK, FL, NY, and back to MO and OK.

In Him,

Stan Rowe & family

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