September 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank You!

After many miles, and a number of days of travel, praise the Lord we made it safely back into Wau.  This is the town where we work and live in, in Morobe Province, in the country of Papua New Guinea.  Thank you for sending us.


Right before we returned back to PNG, we were able to attend Christopher and Savannah’s wedding in Evart, MI.  Praise God for the blessings of family.

News and Prayer Points

We found the unpaved muddy mountain roads into town here are as rough as we’ve ever seen them.  Pray for skill and wisdom in adjusting back to 4WD on the other side of the world and also driving on the other side of the road!  The Electricity was out most of 5 days last week.  Pray for patience and vision in teaching God’s Word.  Opportunities abound for sure. 

In other news, the people group east of town got into the beginnings of a tribal fight with a people group living north of the main town market.  Pray for safety, and peace for Christians from both groups.  Pray for the gospel to reach more people in all groups! 

The Bible school has been encouraging.  There are 7 student families on campus this year with 31 children total.  Please pray for God’s power to teach, strengthen, nurture and guide these 14 men & women, and their kids.  Thank you for helping us to take a part in teaching all nations, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever He has commanded us.

In Him,

Stan & Tresa and the boys

PDF version of this letter

To see a short video report from Stan, Go to Vimeo.

Below are some pictures from this last week:

picture of burned market stall
Roadside market burned in tribal fight.
picture of house burned
What is left of a house burned in the tribal fighting.
picture of landslide on Wau Bulolo Road
We are thankful the the main road between Wau and Bulolo is open again after this landslide.