March 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners,

Remember those old roller coaster rides?  You just sat there and hung on with no seatbelt.  The chain pulled you up the first hill, clicking and clacking all the way up.  Sometimes you thought you didn’t really want to ride after all… but here you go!  That’s kind of the picture of our last few months trying to travel overseas.  And everyone has had a lot of unexpected up and downs during this year of the pandemic.

First, the good news.  Tresa finally did receive a negative result on a COVID test.  This is good news since even after she was well, her tests were coming back as positive.  There was no way to fly with that.  So that is good news that she has tested negative.

Also on the side of good news, we received approval from the PNG State of Emergency Controller’s office, allowing us to enter the country.  However, that approval did not come in the time frame needed to fly out on February 7th as planned.  There was also a change in regulations with the airline we were going on, . . . so we were forced to cancel our tickets.

Now that we have that Approval letter, we are working on getting new tickets.  Our travel agent has advised us to wait a bit before booking, but we may have tickets by the time you get this letter.  Restrictions are changing daily on the international travel scene. 

There has been a rise of COVID-19 cases in PNG in the last few weeks. Please continue to pray for the people there. 

Thank you again for your prayers through all of this.

In Him,

Stan Rowe & Family

PDF Version of this letter

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